b'LinearMotion(1) Non-interchangeable typeEG W 25 C A E 2 R 1600 E ZA P II + KK/E2E2: Self-LubricantEG Series SE: Metallic End CapDust Protection2BlockType No. of Rails per Axis 1W : Flange TypeH : Square Type Precision Code: C, H, P, SP, UPModel sizePreload Code: Z0, ZA, ZB15, 20, 25, 30, 35E: Special RailLoad Type None: Standard railC : Heavy Load Rail Length (mm)S: Medium LoadRail Mounting TypeBlock Mounting Type R/U : Top mounting A : Top mounting T : From bottomB : From bottomNote:1. The roman numerals are used to express the number ofE: Special Blockmatched rails used in one axis. When a single rail is usedNone: Standard Block in an axis, no symbol is indicated.2. No symbol indicates standard protection (end seal andNo. of Blocks per Rail bottom seal). ZZ : End seal, bottom seal and scraper KK: Double seals, bottom seal and scraper. DD: Double seals and bottom seal(2) Interchangeable typeModel Number of EG BlockEG W 25 C A E ZA P + ZZ/E2E2: Self-LubricantEG Series SE: Metallic End CapBlock TypeDust Protection2W : Flange Type H : Square Type Precision Code : C, H, PPreload Code : Z0, ZAModel size 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 E: Special Block None: Standard blockLoad TypeBlock Mounting Type C : Heavy LoadA : Top Mounting S: Medium Load B : From BottomModel Number of EG RailEG R 25 R 1240 E PEG Series Precision Code : C, H, PInterchangeable Rail E: Special Rail,Model sizeNone: Standard Rail15, 20, 25, 30, 35 Rail Length (mm)Rail Mounting Type R/U : Mounting From Top T : BottomT: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391E: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk48'