b'LinearMotion LinearMotionModel NumberWE Series Example: WEW27CCE2R1600EZAPII+KKFour-Row Wide Rail WE W 27 C C E 2 R 1600 E ZA P II + KKWE Series Dust Protection2Feature of WE Series No. of Rails per matched set1 BlockTypeHigh Moment Capability W : FlangeTypePrecision Code: H : Square Type C, H, P, SP, UPThe rail of the WE type linear guideway hasThe width is 1.5 times largertwo rows of mounting holes increasing theModel sizePreload Code: Z0, ZA, ZBmounting strength of the rail.The width17, 21, 27, 35 & 50 E: Special Railis 1.5 times larger than the traditional sizeLoad Type None: Standard Railguideways. This also increases the momentC : Heavy Load Rail Length (mm)load capacity of the block.WE type linear guideway has twoBlock Mounting Rail Mounting Typerows of mounting holes A : Mounting From Top R : Mounting From TopC : Top or Bottom WENo. of Blocks per RailE: Special BlockNote:1.The roman numerals it is shown 2.For dust protection, it is no symbol if itRated Loads in All Directions None: Standard Blockin no symbol express the number is standard (end seal and bottom seal).WE series is capable of receiving loads in four of rails used in one axis.ZZ: End seal, bottom seal and scraper. As for the single rail in an axis, it KK: Double seals, bottom seal and scraper.directions:radial, reverse radial, and lateralPreloadshows no symbol. DD: Double seals and bottom seal. directions.Class Code PreloadVery light Preload Z0 0~ 0.02CLight Preload ZA 0.03C~ 0.05CStructure Analysis Medium Preload ZB 0.06C~ 0.08C1.4.6 Preload ZOElastic deformation1.4.6.1 Definition without preloadElastic deformationA preload can be applied to any rails version. For this purpose,ZBoversized balls are used. Normally a linear guideway has aElastic deformationnegative clearance between the path and the ball bearings, toat high preloadApplications increase rigidity and precision. The curve shows that rigidityP=0.07 Cm2.8POperating load Automations Transportation devicesPrecision measuring equipments doubles with a high preload. Semi-conductor equipment Blow moulding machine Single Axis Robot- Robotics1.4.6.2 Preload IDWE Block Types Table 1.44 Preload IDType Model ShapeHeightRail Length(mm) (mm) ID Preload Application17 100 ZO Light preload 0~ 0.02C Constant load direction, low impact, low accuracy requiredSquareWEH-CA ZA Medium preload 0.03C~ 0.05C High accuracy required50 4000 ZB High preload 0.06C~ 0.08C High rigidity required, with vibrations and impactsNote:17 100 Preload classes for interchangeable versions ZO and ZA. For non-interchangeable versions: ZO, ZA, ZBFlange WEW-CC50 4000T: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391 T: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391E: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk E: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk54 55'