Parameter Value NLGI Class - Standard Paraffin Temperature -15 to +120°C Application Size Part Number Cartridge – FlexxPump 400 400cc 000-203-105 Barrel 5000cc 000-203-505 Barrel 20000cc 000-203-507 67 FULL MSDS AND TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST PLEASE CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM WITH YOUR APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS TEL: 01827 288122 FAX: 01827 253390 Oil – OE3 Food Safe With NSF H1 Approval Description:  Paraffin oil with food safe approval  Excellent protection against deterioration over prolonged duration Application:  For the lubrication of chains and sleeve / journal bearings  Suitable for automatic lubrication units from 5°C up to 80°C