b'LinearMotionHG SeriesDust Proof Accessories(1) Codes of accessoriesIf the following accessories are needed, please add the code followed by the model number. t2Bottom SealEnd seal End seal Scraper Spacer No symbol: Standard Protection (End seal + Bottom Seal) ZZ (End seal + Bottom Seal + Scraper)End sealEnd sealSpacert1Scraper Spacer KK (Double seals + Bottom Seal + Scraper) DD (Double seals + Bottom Seal)(2) End seal and bottom seal To prevent life reduction caused by iron chips or dust entering the block.(3) Double seals (4) ScraperEnhances the wiping effect, foreign matter can beThe scraper removes high-temperature iron chips and completely wiped off. larger foreign objects.Table 3.1.1Dimensions of end seal Table 3.1.2Dimensions of scraperThickness (t1)Thickness (t1)SizeThickness (t2)Size Thickness (t2) Size(mm) Size (mm) (mm) (mm)HG 15 ES 3 HG 35 ES 3.2 HG 15 SC 1.5 HG 35 SC 1.5HG 20 ES 3.5 HG 45 ES 4.5 HG 20 SC 1.5 HG 45 SC 1.5HG 25 ES 3.5 HG 55 ES 4.5 HG 25 SC 1.5 HG 55 SC 1.5HG 30 ES 3.2 HG 65 ES 6 HG 30 SC 1.5 HG 65 SC 1.5T: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391E: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk28'