b'LinearMotion LinearMotionHIWIN ROLLED BALLSCREWS - RB PAGESStock sizes 10mm-80mm (other sizes available to order) 05-22(Ground screws available)HIWIN INDUSTRY STANDARD LINEAR GUIDES - HG PAGESIncluding HG Compatible components 23-44(PG positioning guideways with display, SE metallic endcaps, QI quiet linear guideways) Sizes 15 - 65HIWIN LOW PROFILE LINEAR GUIDES - EGPAGESSizes 15 - 35 45-50HIWIN WIDE SERIES - WE PAGESFour Row Wide Series 51-56HIWIN ROLLER GUIDES - RG PAGESHigh rigidity roller type57-64Sizes 15 - 65OUR20,000SQUAREFOOTFACTORYHOLDSHIWIN MINATURE LINEAR GUIDES - MG PAGESOVER 1.5 MILLION POUNDS WORTH OF STOCK Stainless steel guides & rails 65-70OURAUTOMATEDSTOCKTOWERSENSUREA FAST PICK AND PACK PROCEDUREWEOFFERSAMEDAYDESPATCHFORALLHIWIN SELF LUBRICATION KIT - E2PAGESSTOCK ITEMS Extended life of guideways, up to 100,000 kms operating life 71-72ZIMMER CLAMPING ELEMENTS PAGESHK - Manual73-84MINI HK - Manual MK - PnuematicHIWIN ROBOT UNITS - KK PAGESsizes 40-130 85-104HIWIN LINEAR BEARINGS -UB & JB PAGESUB, UBM, JB, JBM, JBL - Cylindrical body105-114JBF, JBFL - Round flange JBK, JBKL - Square flangeT: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391 HIWIN LINEAR ACTUATOR - LAS PAGESE: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk Including Controllers & Keypads 115-1284'