b'LinearMotionE2 SeriesSelf Lubrication Kit for Linear GuidewaysConstruction of E2 TypeE2 self-lubricating linear guideway contains a lubricator between the end cap and end seal, the outer side of block is equipped with a replaceable oil cartridge, the configuration of which is listed below.Lubrication oil flows to the lubricator from the replaceable oil cartridge and then lubricates grooves of rails. The Oil cartridge comprises a oil conductor with 3D structure that enables the lubricator to contact oil despite that blocks are placed at a random position or oil flow becomes less, and thus the lubrication oil inside the oil cartridge can be used up via capillary action.Lubricator Lubricated lipReplaceableoil cartridge RailPatent Pending42 3E2: Economy first & ecology first 3 1End SeadConfiguration of the self-lubricant apparatus 51. Oil cartridge 3. Oil conductor5. Lubricator End Cap 2. Cartridge cover 4. Connector6. OilFeature of E2 Type(1) Cost reduction:Save costs by reducing oil usage and maintenance. Table 2.80 ItemStandard Block E2 (Self-lubricant) BlockLubricant device XXX-Design and installation of lubricant XXX-deviceCost of oil purchase0.3cc / hr x 8hrs / day x 280 days / year x 5 year10 cc(5 years10000km) x = 3360 cc x cost / cc =XXX cost/cc=XXCost of refilling 3~5hrs / time x 3~5times / year x 5year x cost / time-=XXX Waste oil disposal3~5 times / year x 5year xcost / time =XXX -(2) Clean and environmentally friendly: even when the guideway is installed on a machine.Optimized oil usage prevents leaking, making it the(6) Different oils can be selected:ideal solution for clean working environments. The replaceable oil cartridge can be refilled with (3) Long last and low maintenance: any approved lubrication oil depending on different Self-lubricating block is maintenance free in mostrequirements.applications. (7) Applications for special environments:(4) No installation limitations: Sealing grease into the block leads to better lubrication The linear guideway can be lubricated by E2 self- effects especially in dusty, dirty, or wet environments.lubricating module irrespective of mounting directions.(5) Easy to be assembled and dismantled:The cartridge can be added or removed from the block T: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391E: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk72'