b'LinearMotion LinearMotionMG Series - MGW (1) Non-interchangeable typeMGW 12 C E 2 R1600 E Z1 P M II + UMiniature Linear GuidewayMGN / MGW Series No. of Rails per Axis2Feature of MGW Series Bottom Seal Option1Model Size : The design feature of wide type miniature guideway-MGW: 7, 9, 12, 15 M : Stainless Steel1. The design of enlarged width has increased the capacity of moment load. Block Type Precision Code : C, H, P2. Gothic arch contact design has high rigidity characteristic in all directions. C : Standard Preload Code : 3. Steel balls will be held by miniature retainer to avoid the balls from falling out even when the blockH : Long ZF, Z0, Z1are removed form the rail installation. E : Special BlockE : Rail Special4. All metallic components are made of stainless steel for anti-corrosion purpose. None : Standard Block None : Standard RailConfiguration of MGW Series Rail No. of Blocks per RailRail Length (mm) Note:1. The roman numerals express a matched set of rails. Block No symbol indicates single rail in an axis.2. The bottom seal is available for MGN & MGW 9, 12, 15.End cap (2) Interchangeable typeInterchangeable BlockEnd seal MGN 12 C E Z1 P M + UMGN / MGW Series MGBall Model Size : 7, 9, 12, 15Bottom Seal Option1Bottom seal Block Type M: Stainless SteelC : Standard Precision Code : C, H, PRetainer H : LongE: Special Block Preload Code : ZF, Z0, Z1None: Standard BlockRolling circulation system: Block, rail, end cap and retainerLubrication system: The grease nipple is available for MGW15, grease gun can be used for lubricanting. Interchangeable RailDust protection system: End seal, bottom seal (optional size 9,12,15), cap (size12,15)MGN R 12 R1000 E P MApplicationMGN / MGW Series M: Stainless SteelMGN/MGW series can be used in many fields, such as semiconductor equipment, PCB assembly equipment,Interchangeable Rail Precision Code : C, H, Pmedical equipment, robotics, measuring equipment, office automation equipment, and other miniaturesliding mechinery. Model Size :Rail Special OptionModel Number of MGN/MGW Series 7, 9, 12, 15 Rail Length (mm)MGN and MGW series linear guideway can be classified into non-interchangeable and interchangeable types.The sizes of two types are same. The interchangeable type is more convenient due to rails can be replaced. However, its precision is less than non-interchangeable type. Because of strict dimensional control,the interchangeable type linear guideway is a smart choice for customers when rails dont need to be paired for an axis. The model number contains the information of the size, type, accuracy class, preload class, and more.T: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391 T: 01827 288122F: 01827 253391E: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk E: sales@wmh-trans.co.ukwww.wmh-trans.co.uk68 69'